Hi I’m Megan, when I was younger I wanted to be famous, I wanted to sing and I wanted to dance and lets just say I didn’t get too far, I learned real quick I don’t sound like the cheetah girls. I’d probably scare everyone away. So instead of hitting broad way and becoming “megalina” (my rockstar name) I’ve brought my dancing to the streets…. I enjoy dancing around at sessions, and I can get down with a camera in my hand at weddings, Don’t tempt me.

My husband, Jordan is off the chain awesome! He’s my best friend, soul mate, middle school sweet heart & second shooter. I love being able to work side by side with my husband and surrounding ourselves in love every weekend with weddings.

We have a beautiful daughter who will be a year old in February 2017 <3

I seriously love everything about my “job”. I love that I get to step behind a camera and capture memories for others.

I am an animal lover and have three fur babies, I have a T-cup Chihuahua names Fefe, she’s more spoiled than a bag of potatoes. A cat named , Kitty – because truth is me and my husband are terrible at giving names, and a big dog that is part lab and pit bull and her name is Bella, she’s  as sweet as her name sounds.

I am a Canon girl, meaning I shoot canon. I shoot with my canon 5d mark iii. If you ever have any questions related to photography, please don’t be afraid to ask, I’d love to chat!