Ericka + Cody | Proposal

Cody reached out to me in May, and told me he was about to propose, and he wanted it to be perfect and photographed. We had to come up with a game plan to do a session with them with out it being obvious. So I set out to do a “cutest couple contest” y’all may remember from June. I put a million folded up papers in a bowl and had Miloh draw one, and they all said the same name, Ericka May, haha. — She “surprisingly” won the free session 😉 and little did she know it was more then just a free session. She got proposed to, and she said yesss!! This all being said, thank you everyone who participated in the cutest couple contest! I plan on announcing a real winner and giving away a free mini at my mini sessions November 6th. There will be more details about the minis this week, and the winner to the cutest couple contest will also be announced this week. So keep your eyes pealed!!!

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