Farley Plantation Wedding / Mr & Mrs Estes

“I had the biggest crush on Bobby after meeting him for the first time. He lived in my best friend and maid of honor, Jessica’s neighborhood. We “officially” met at the neighborhood pool. We actually met once before this but he probably doesn’t even remember. He joined me and Jessica for a few minutes while we walked around the neighborhood. It was the summer of 2008 and I was 15 years old when we officially met at the pool. He was in the pool and I was sitting on the edge with my feet in the water and he kept nagging me to get into the pool (kind of ironic since he’s the one that can’t swim). I was extremely shy so I was super nervous to even talk to him. I was actually surprised that he was talking to me so much. I thought he was so cute and funny. The first thing that attracted me was his gorgeous blue eyes. I thought he was way out of my league and that I would never get a guy like him but we started talking and became good friends. We talked pretty much every day on myspace. Yes, I said myspace. I would get home from school and immediately run to my brother’s room to get onto our desktop computer to IM him. We only had a short time frame to IM each other after I got home from school because he worked nights at Burger King. I had a yellow and black nextel that did not get unlimited text. My parents didn’t know that I was talking to a boy so I texted him through Jessica’s phone every time I was with her on the weekends and eventually started texting him on my phone. The phone bill went up and when my parent’s asked me who I had been texting and talking to I told them it was Jessica.We stayed up for hours talking on the phone about anything and everything. We knew so much about each other before we even started dating. After talking for a few months, he finally asked me to be his girlfriend and we had our first date at the Great Escape Movie Theater in McDonough on January 12, 2008. We saw National Treasure. I was head over heels. I did not want that night to end but of course, we talked on the phone forever after we got home that night. During that time, I just knew that he was “The One.” – Heather

“After spending a little over 8 years with this beautiful woman I called my girlfriend at the time, I finally decided that putting a ring on her finger was way overdue. Everything seemed to be going right for us at the moment. Heather got a new job making more money and I started a new job just a few months before the proposal. After researching for hours and googling random questions about what to look for in a diamond, I decided on a ring that Heather had noticed months before in Kay Jewelers and she REALLY liked it. So a few days later I was able to take a trip over to Kay Jewelers. At this time I was living with Heather and her parents so I had to get off work early just to make this trip without her knowing. There’s not much to say about going into the store so fast forward. The purchase had been made!!! Now it was time to devise a plan on when and where I would take this next step. In the back of my mind I am reminded that Heather has always told me that when I go to propose she would like for her family to be there. Great! No pressure! How was I supposed to get everyone together without Heather knowing what’s going on??? So I decided to propose on her birthday. This way, everyone was already together to celebrate her birthday and she would have absolutely no clue. Heather had always wanted to go see Christmas lights so I researched some more and found Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Now I had to get Heather on board. Luckily this was a fairly easy task because she was already looking into going there. Now time for one of the most nerve-racking moments in my life, asking her parents for their permission to marry her. I had no idea what to expect. First I had to get Heather away from the house long enough for me to do this so I spoke to my friends, Miguel and Kayla and they helped me come up with a plan! Heather and I went over to their house and Kayla asked Heather for help baking some sweets. I told heather I had to make a run to Gamestop real quick because there was a game that we wanted to buy. Miguel and I got in the truck and we started heading to her parents. I remember Miguel saying “You ready for this?” and I said “Well I’m about as ready as I’m going to be but I am really nervous.” I had no idea what I was going to say. We get to her parent’s house and they were not at home. I called Barry, her Dad, and asked him where they were and how long they will be. They were doing some shopping but said they would be home shortly so we waited. Out of nowhere, Kayla texts me and says that Heather’s mom just texted Heather asking why I was at the house. Heather calls me and I have to come up with a quick lie. I told her that I forgot a video game at the house so we stopped by to get it before going to Gamestop. She seemed to believe it. Her parents arrived at the house and I walked inside right behind them. I tell them that I need to talk to them and Monica, her mom, instantly asks “What’s wrong?” I said “Nothing. I just need to talk to you two.” She sat down and I said “As you both know, Heather and I have been together for a while now…” Her mom immediately started tearing up. I proceed to ask for their permission to marry the girl of my dreams. Monica, with tears still in her eyes, says that they are both perfectly fine with me asking her to marry me. I told them my plan of when and where I wanted it to happen. Let me remind you, my friend, Miguel is still outside in his truck waiting to drive me back to his house. That is what best friends are for right? – Bobby

The proposal:  The day finally came around and I got all dressed up. We got to Atlanta Botanical Gardens. We walked around as a group and took pictures. I gave Heather a new camera for her birthday so she was taking a lot of pictures (I was broke after buying the ring and that camera lol) I remember looking around, saying to myself “Man this place is packed.” I hate bringing attention to myself so I was so nervous. Right before we got to the fountain (spot of proposal), Andrew, Heather’s middle brother turned around, stopped me, and said “There are a lot of people here. You sure about this? We can still come up with a backup plan just me and you.” I said “Nah. I got this” but in my head I was freaking out. I was extremely nervous. So nervous that I could hear my heart beating. Heather’s Mom had given me the ring when we first got there so I was carrying it around in my pocket the whole time we were walking around, trying to keep Heather away from the side of which the ring was in my pocket. We finally got to the fountain. We all took pictures in front of the fountain. It was our turn to take pictures. Monica and I came up with a code word to say that way I would know when to drop to one knee and do my thing. Well, I never heard the code word. She was supposed to say “Bobby, smile” but she never said it. Then she says “my battery is dead” ugh…the nerves were getting worse. To this day, I don’t know if that was what she thought the code word was or if her battery really was dead. She got her camera working again but these little munchkins kept walking through our pictures. We decided to go to the other side of the fountain. We took a few more pictures, trying to keep the kids out of the pictures still. On the last picture, I grabbed Heather’s hand. It was dark on this side but by the grace of god, a random guy comes out of nowhere with a bright light and just held it up and I dropped down on one knee and I said “Heather Lynne Jenkins, I love you more than anyone else in the world. You are the only one that I ever want to be with. You make me such a better man each and every day.” I then forgot the rest of my line that I wanted to say so I just blurted out “Will you marry me?” She was in shock but luckily she said yes!!! I have never felt such a moment of relief as I did after hearing her say yes. -Bobby


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