Frame Family

When I was pregnant with Miloh around this time last year, I came across another pregnant photographer due around the same time I was. I knew she was a week or two ahead of me so, I would check her page everyday just about just to see if she’s in labor yet. Fast forward a year later, my creepy stalker social media skills paid off. I gained a friend, over the past year. A mommy friend that is. Some one to share cute snap chats of our sweet, silly, messy babies, and some one to share advice, when asked or needed through this past year of transitioning into a motherhood.

When Abby, Chris and Deacon showed up to their session, Part of me panicked. Isn’t it scary to photograph other photographers, man….. It’s like a cook cooking for another cook… I hope I don’t burn this dish! They drove a little over two hours to see me, and it started to drizzle as soon as they got there. What the crap, right. 

“It’s cool. I’m cool. Were cool. We got this, don’t panic Megan”

Then….. the sun came out, it started to warm up and not be so windy, and Deacon loved my camera by the end of the session.

Oh & pssssssssst. Go check out Abby’s photography, and show some love!  😉

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