Happy 2nd anniversary Lauren and Terry…

Terry called me about 3 weeks ago, and was like, I wanna have a pillow fight with lauren and I want you to be there, and I was like ok…. Ive always thought y’all were a weird couple, but this just confirms it for me, lol …. No I’m kidding.

I love Lauren and Terry,

They’re the most smiley and sweetest people you’d ever meet. No seriously.

They make my job way too easy! untitled_1129 untitled_1131 untitled_1120 untitled_1121 untitled_1122 untitled_1123 untitled_1124 untitled_1125 untitled_1126 untitled_1127 untitled_1128 untitled_1132 untitled_1133 untitled_1134 untitled_1135 untitled_1136 untitled_1137 untitled_1138

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