Nash Farms | Fair Family

Have I ever formally introduced y’all to our friends The Fairs? The start of our friendship, will never get old, and still will probably always be my favorite way.

In 2013 I pulled into the Walmart parking lot, to go grocery shopping, and I got this phone call from a potential bride, who was inquiring about wedding photography, long story short Kaitlyn and Zack booked their wedding with me, and we met and did their engagement session at Nash Farms in July of 2013…… since then, the story goes on.

Through weddings, marriage, pregnancy, and first year of parenthood. We got to experience it all together.

& Now here we are and Layten is about to be one this weekend! How is he already turning one, I’m still trying to figure that one out 😉

But time goes slower from here, right? It slows down from here, right? RIGHT??? ok good, hahaha.

Love this family, and love doing life with them! <3

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