Nash Farms| The Cranfords

I met Paige a couple years ago through a mutual friend, and Im so happy that I did. We make a great team when she second shoots with me at weddings. She’s heard working, determined, driven, super fun and friendly and gorgeous, I mean look at her. Jack knows how to pick them. 😉  I love the power of social media, and how it brings friendships together!

Have you ever been around a couple, and your like, yep… they’re perfect for each other. That’s how it is being around Jack and Paige….. Im not even kidding, they’re both goofy and silly with each other, and they’re totally just theirselves around one another, and just laughs at each other. I mean you see it in the pictures …. “FO REALZ” 😉 I just love these two!

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