Nealey Halter | Senior

Friday was such a beautiful day, you wouldn’t even know it was freezing cold outside by the sunshine and this beautiful girl! We probably all went home from this session with ear aches and chapped lips, but it was so worth it! Nealey is gorgeous!! 2015-04-01_0016Nearly, said she’s not good at serious faces… Psssh! This girl can pull anything off!!2015-04-01_0033 2015-04-01_0032 2015-04-01_0018 2015-04-01_0019 2015-04-01_0017Her white dress went perfect with her complexion!! 2015-04-01_0021 2015-04-01_0022 2015-04-01_0023 2015-04-01_0024 2015-04-01_0025 2015-04-01_0026These are my faves!!! v v v2015-04-01_0027 2015-04-01_0028 2015-04-01_0029 2015-04-01_0030Enjoy the rest of your senior year pretty girl!! 😉

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