Roswell Park | Camila + Robby Engaged

Robby had known that Camila was “the one” for some time now, so now it was all about the perfect proposal. With an idea in mind, he began to spin an elaborate web.

First, he need to make sure Camila was available so he decided to “book” her with a decoy event. After consulting with some mutual friends, he had the perfect cover…A pub crawl on the Beltline on August 6th! In June at a Braves game, Robby had John Hummel casually bring up the idea. Although Camila was a little surprised that the Hummels were looking at a pub crawl so far in advance, she loved the idea and put it in her calendar. Robby paying attention to detail, even sent John a fake Venmo payment for the “tickets.”

Now that the date was locked in, it was time to plan the event. The idea was to go to the river by the club house in Camila’s neighborhood where the two of them often brought the pups to run and play and then have their friends and family there to help celebrate afterwards. Robby wanted to make sure Camila did not suspect it was coming, so several lies were told to keep the integrity of the proposal. These are Camila’s favorites:

1) Robby and Camila had a big trip to Tulum, Mexico planned in September. Robby told her offhandedly that he had a “nice dinner on the beach” arranged for their first evening. Although Camila thought it was very weird that he would insinuate a proposal so carelessly, she was assured by her friend Adriana Hummel that the dinner was DEFINITELY it.

2) Camila had invited Stephanie Villareal to the Beltline pub crawl, but she told Camila that she was actually going to San Francisco to meet a mutual friend, Emma Stamper.

3) The week before the proposal, Camila’s mother, Ileana, invited Camila for a “beauty day.” It should have been a dead giveaway: this was the first time her mother took the day off from work for something like this. They even went to the hair salon where Ileana insisted that Camila get her hair cut or blown out, “so you can be ready if something comes up.” Camila thought it was a waste of money and told her mom she would rather wait until the following weekend when she had a wedding she was attending,

The big day was finally here. Typical Camila decided she would babysit in the morning before the pub crawl. The original plan was that Camila would go home after babysitting and run the dogs with Robby before heading to the pub crawl. For the first time in her life, Camila was thinking ahead and actually planning. She was babysitting in downtown so she told Robby that it would make more sense if they just met at the Hummels’ apartment instead of coming back up to suburbia since the pub crawl was close by. Robby did some quick thinking and said that he would come and pick her up because the Hummels were running late. Red flag number one for Camila- the Hummels were never late. Camila got in the car and Robby had to think of a way to get Camila back to her neighborhood. Doing some of the best acting of his young career, “W-w-whhere is my wallet?? Oh man I think I left it at your parents house last night. We need to go back right now!” Red flag number two- Camila was the one that was known for leaving her stuff everywhere, not Robby. When she reprimanded him, he just apologized instead of reminding her that she does it all the time- red flag number three. Camila called her dad to see if he had seen the wallet, he confirmed that he in fact had it at the neighborhood pool. All of a sudden Camila notices her manicured fingers and all of the weird events of the day and recent weeks start flooding back and it dawned on her. Robby knew that Camila would kill him if she showed up to her proposal covered in baby’s drool from babysitting, so they had to run by her house quick so she could change into an off white dress she had chosen to wear days before she even knew they were getting engaged. Unfortunately the house was set up for the after after party and had flowers and a picture of Robby and Camila on the table. Camila turned back to Robby with a watery eyed smile. Her suspicions were confirmed. They finally made it down to the river and to the dock. There Robby asked for Camila’s hand in marriage and she said yes! She was over the moon and in tears as Robby said that he had one more surprise for her. He pointed up to the balcony of the clubhouse that overlooks the dock and Camila saw all of her friends and family gathered together for the celebration. Her ideal proposal.

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