Sunny D Farms Wedding | Mr & Mrs Morley

               Kymmy and I met on a trip to Congaree State Park with Georgia Southern’s Outdoors Club called Southern Adventures. During this time my best friend and best man Jake had applied for a position with Southern Adventures and was hopeful that this trip would give him an in with the Administrator who was also leading this trip. He thought it would be a great idea if I would join him so we could hang out and he wouldn’t feel anxious about making a good impression. Now to be honest this was not a very good point in my life. I had recently dealt with some things and had been pretty down and had become a bit of a recluse. He kept pushing and pushing and finally I had no choice but to say yes and go on this trip. Now the way Southern Adventures operates is to have a meeting with everyone going on the trip the Monday before the weekend of the trip. So keep in mind I had an entire week to back out on Jake, refund my $20, and not go on this trip. So the Monday meeting comes, I attend, I sit beside one of Jake’s annoying friends, and I am already feeling like I should just go home. Sitting across from me and to my right (not Jake’s annoying friend btw) is Kymmy. She looked like the most stereotypical sorority girl that attended Georgia Southern. She was wearing a t-shirt, yoga pants, had one of those fancy water bottles if I recall correctly, and looked totally out of place for this trip. And that was my first time “meeting” Kymmy. So the week goes on and I’m getting more and more anxious. Jake calls me one last time and convinces me to go on the trip. I oblige and I head to Southern Adventures that Friday morning. I get there and I’m waiting awkwardly around and before we leave for the trip we play some ice breaker games and assign vans (we took two vans for the trip). Kymmy was assigned to me and Jake’s van. The drive was two hours long and I quickly started to realize that Kymmy wasn’t your stereotypical sorority girl, matter of fact she wasn’t even in a sorority. She was so down to earth and she hung out with Jake (a married man) and I almost the entire trip. We got along so well and even shared a bottle of boiling water in our hands that was hers because it was freezing that night and morning. She road back in our van as well and there we continued to talk and share a bag of jolly ranchers she had. We got back to Southern, the trip ended, we parted ways never to see each other again. Now of course that isn’t true. Jake and I worked with each other at East Georgia State College during this time. Monday came and during the downtime of work we were discussing the trip we had just gotten back from. I couldn’t stop talking about Kymmy and how it was unfortunate I wouldn’t get to see her again. Jake encouraged me to look her up on Facebook. Then I started to message her and after we talked a couple of times I asked her out to lunch. After that lunch, we then went out to dinner on what I would call our official first date. Ask Kymmy and she disagrees with that detail of the story. However, that is my story on how Kymmy and I met. At time in my life when I would reply to most questions to hangout with friends I would say, “No” I decided to say, “Yes”. I can’t wait to say, “Yes” one more time come June 3rd. -Ryan

             First off, AWW and LOL to Ryan’s version. In February 2012, I signed up for a camping and canoeing trip through Georgia Southern’s outdoors club Southern Adventures. I had never really been camping, nor had I ever been interested in it, but I had recently transferred to GSU from another university and was looking to step outside of my comfort zone. At the pre-trip meeting, I sat across from Ryan. I actually assumed he was married to the woman he was sitting next to because he appeared older and looked as if someone dragged him to this meeting. I must have looked like a complete idiot at that meeting- I asked questions like “Is it ok to camp in jeans?” I realized just how “back country” we were about to get and contemplated backing out numerous times. But, I sucked it up and showed up for the trip. To be completely honest, I didn’t pay much attention to Ryan during the trip. It was in the 30s the entire weekend, my arms were so sore from canoeing for 8 hours, and I was STARVING. Honestly, I was just trying to survive. During breakfast, I boiled water and poured it into my Nalgene bottle and just sat their with my hands wrapped around it to warm up. Ryan came up to me and asked if he could share the hot water bottle, and we talked about how out of place we were for this trip. (Note: Ryan was wearing a wind breaker suit and I was wearing a $9.99 jacket from TJMaxx). We were completely unprepared. We went our separate ways after the trip, but it wasn’t long before we started talking through Facebook. Our first date (Yes Ryan, THIS was our first date) was lunch at Mellow Mushroom between classes where we made awkward small talk about movies. A few days later, Ryan asked me to dinner, but told me to pick the restaurant this time. I had been busy working on a big English project, so I forgot to pick a place until he picked me up. I actually chose Chilie’s, but halfway through dinner I noticed Ryan wasn’t eating. Turns out, he hates Chilie’s and funnily enough, I do too! I only picked it because most other people seem to like it. We had such honest and genuine conversation, and Ryan was so kind. Since then, it’s been many dates not at Chilies and a promise to never, ever go camping in February ever again. – Kymmy

Venue: Sunny D Farms

Florist: Sister Act Designs

Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas

Brides Dress: Wtoo

Grooms Tux: Vera Wang

Caterer: Ooh La La

Cake: Publix 😉

Wedding planner/coordinator: Kasey Chitwood

Rentals: N/A

Hair: TBD

Makeup: TBD

DJ: Band actually, the Wiseman Brothers

Photographer: 😉



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