Sweet Water Creek | Samantha + Jarvis engaged

How’d he ask?

“We met at the gym. I was in a weird point in my life and had no intentions of talking to anyone on a relationship level. We started talking, became friends, became best friends, and now we are engaged! After some time we rented a house together because we both knew that this was it and we were going to be marry each other. We have talked about it and I was eager for him to ask the question. I went to Costa Rica for 10 days in June and while I was there he bought my ring. He hid it in his “winter clothes” drawer, because he knew I wouldn’t need to open that one, and it was there for 2 whole months and I had no idea. Well, August 23 was his birthday so I planned a small outing to Andretti’s for him and invited his closest friends and my best friend and sister. Everyone came (which was surprising) and I was so excited. We ate lunch first and when we were done he said we should all take a picture, which he HATES pictures. We asked the server to take it for us and as soon as he snapped the photo, Jarvis pulled me aside and everyone gathered around (half of them knew the whole time)!! He does not like to be the spot of attention or talk in front of people, but he said a little speech and dropped down right there on one knew and asked me to marry him! I was so shocked, surprised, and crying that I did not even hear hardly a single word he said! He went from the boy I tried so hard to ignore to being my absolute best friend and most favorite person in the world!” -Sam

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